Role Description:

The Technician 1 delivers specific basic services to Eastern Generator and its customers. Services provided by the Technician 1 are at the direction of the dispatcher with support and guidance from the service manager and onsite technician where applicable. This role is designed to be a transition role between the new hire status and Technician 2 role. Success in this role is determined by rate of learning and ability to follow direction, and general aptitude against a set of capabilities. Eastern Generator maintains the highest ethical standards;
those unwilling to conform to such standards need not apply.

Core Requirements:

  • On–call availability
  • Personal Tools
  • Valid drivers license
  • Able to lift 90lbs
    (with reasonable accommodation)
  • Good organizational fit
  • Positive and proactive attitude

Desired Requirements:

  • College degree or relevant experience

Typical Responsibilities:

      Delivery of equipment
  • Delivers generators, connects them, starts them up as required
  • Delivers parts and equipment as needed to job sites
   Retrieval of equipment
  • Disconnects and retrieves generators
  • Retrieves equipment from job sites as needed
  Maintenance of equipment
  • Maintains rental units (oil, batteries, etc)
  • Delivers and installs batteries and other maintenance parts to client locations 
   Maintenance of facilities and vehicles
  • Keeps facilities and vehicles clean and well maintained

To apply please send us your resume via email – please include the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line.